Ways to Help


We invite you to join us as we serve our sisters and brothers as we perform the corporal works of mercy and get to know Christ in our midst.

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are open workdays for our house. We are always grateful for your help.

We provide meals both to people living on the streets as well as those who stay in our home with us. On these days we are preparing both a morning and evening meal. Helping with cooking, serving, fellowship and clean-up are all greatly needed.

If you aren't a food person, let us know. We can use your gifts, too! We need people to help us keep things beautiful, orderly and fun. There is always room for a set of hands to help. You can come to do crafts, play cards, cut hair, or just listen and chat.

Please check our Facebook updates for the times we need you most. We do ask that if you have a group of more than three people you set up a special time with us. If you want to talk further or schedule a group, please contact us either online or at 714-558-7478.


We invite all of you to join us wherever you are as we pray and reflect on the work we are called to do here, and the ways we are called to be witnesses of hope, justice and peace in our world. You're invited to share your reflections on our blog and Facebook page.

We also gather for clarification meetings and retreats. Check our updates on Facebook for dates and times of these special events.